Virtual/Hosted IPPBX
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Virtual/Hosted IPPBX

Voyced Hosted IPPBX solution to access your numbers

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Use the online Voyced Hosted / Virtual IPPBX solution and to access your numbers, your call records, your current TopUp balance and further configuration of your DIDs.

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Unlimited calls

We do not have a limit to how many calls you can make or receive in a month

Call continuity

What if your Internet or power is down, will we miss calls? No, just set it up to forward to your mobile, for example

Incoming calls are free

With Standard DIDs and normal business use

Free IPPBX use

The cost is already included in the price of the numbers so you don’t pay any extra for this!

Super cheap call rates

Each client gets charged the same, lowest price local rate we can give

Hosted VoIP / IPPBX

Manage your Telephone account, functions and numbers from anywhere

Pay as your grow

All services are modular so you only get what you need and don’t pay for what you don’t need

One second billing

Where this is possible and we are allowed to do so (so, almost all countries)

Number porting

For many countries, we can port your existing number into our system

Teleworkers / Travelling (sales) personnel

Set up remote and mobile workers easily and maintain from your personal ecosystem

Remote offices

All remote office locations in 1 account for easy management, admin and invoicing

Multi-lingual webportal

We know this makes your life easier

Live call data / CDRs

See the call you just made already processed and in the call overview

Unlimited IPPBX scalability

Do you want more? We’ll be there and support you, the sky (or should we say Cloud) is the limit

Virtual geographic numbers / DIDs

Real telephone numbers from over 165+ countries all in your Virtual environment

Virtual non-geographic numbers / DIDs

This is often called a roaming number and doesn’t tie you down to 1 place (by law) if local laws would define that a Geographic number does

HD Voice

The best call quality available, we will not give you less than we can

Call Divert

Not in time to answer, not at the office at all, your call can follow you wherever you are, even time based

Withhold Caller ID

Not advisable when calling to the EU anymore

Multiple sites / countries in 1 account

Keep your administration and maintenance as simple and easy as possible

Abbreviated dialing

Dial a short number to reach your colleagues

Unified messaging

Get the VoiceMail message in your mailbox as an audio file and hear how the Caller meant the message to be

4 Incoming Call routing options

What needs to happen when your call comes in? Set it as you need it and the system will take care of it


1 Phonebook that is the same for all your colleagues too, isn’t that handy

Each number can have its own dialing rules

Even though you may have numbers from multiple countries and/or cities in your portfolio, you can still define them to have their own rules. So a user can dial a local number as they would expect it to work, for example


For ‘the receptionist’ it is easy to make a ‘public’ announcement

Main Caller ID on all lines

No matter what phone you pick up within your company and make a call, the Client will always see your main number for easy recognisability and call back clarity

Main Caller ID on certain lines only

Perhaps most lines should show the Main number but some should show their direct line number, no problem. It is all set up easily so everything is clear once you call your client

Voyced Internal numbers/Extensions

Need more people being able to make and receive calls than you need real numbers or extra functions? No problem.

Each device and/or function should have its own real account so we created cheap and flexible Extensions to get this sorted easily

Virtual Toll-Free numbers/DIDs

One of the best options you can give (and communicate) is a TollFree number for your Clients to call. They know that you want to make it as easy as possible for them to call you so you pick up the cost. We have TollFree/Freephone numbers in over 165+ countries available for your use

Virtual numbers/DIDs in a 165+ countries!

Whether it be Geographic, Non- geographic (roaming) or Mobile VoIP numbers, we got you covered. Well actually, we have almost the whole globe covered and we won’t stop until we do.

(Custom) Music on Hold

A little music makes waiting easier (and the Caller can hear that the call is still going). Use our default tune or use your own (do make sure you have the (copy)right to do so 😉 )

Group pickup

A phone in the Sales group is ringing at an empty desk? No problem, anyone within the Sales group can easily use their own phone to pick up that call and tend to the Client

Call transfer

You received the call be it was meant for ‘Mike’? An easy transfer will make sure ‘Mike” gets the call as he was perhaps even waiting for it?


Your desk phone rings but you’re not there so the system automatically rings your mobile, another phone or something like that. You can set this up in a variety of ways including time-based so that the system knows to only forward to your mobile in-office hours, for example

IVR/Auto-Attendant/Digital Secretary

Yes, this is a standard function with us and not just 1 choice or 1 level either! We all know the ‘press 1 for .. Press 2 for ..’ option and it helps manage your incoming calls. This way the Caller can select where to go and put less burden on your real-life secretary

Real-time monitoring

Log in to your Hosted IPPBX environment with us and you see all calls and when they happened. What did that call cost, what is my current Call Credit balance, etc? It is all there for you

Fall-back facilities

Your office is offline or you are away from your phone? Set everything to automatically Fall Back to alternatives so you are always available for your clients

Call waiting

More than 1 call coming in on your phone is not a problem as call Waiting is a standard function. You’ll hear a beep in the background so you know another call is trying to reach you and you can decide if you want to switch between calls, leave it for now, or whatever suits you

Voicemail to E-mail

One of our most requested and used features. This option makes sure you get an audio file of the actual message the caller left. No guessing how they ‘felt’ when they left the message as you will hear them talk. You can even forward it to your co-worker as is, not your written interpretation of it. And, of course, each account can have a different mail address where this needs to be sent or all to the main (VoiceMail) business E-mail address, if you so desire

Fax to E-mail

If you have our fax service activated on a line you will receive all the faxes sent to your fax number at a designated mail address as pdf. We’ve even seen Clients use this to convert their paper ofiice to digital!

HD Voice

All our solutions are based and built on Premium Plus (=Business Class) quality hardware, software, line, routes, etc. We do no concessions on quality and we still keep the prices as low as we do


A call comes in and needs to ring multiple devices, groups, etc? Use the Huntgroup feature and this is done in a jiffy. The first one to pick up the call with get it and all others will stop ringing, as expected

Call Queues

More calls coming in than you can handle at once, just use the Call Queue feature and the Caller will be held in a queue and the ‘oldest’ call will be connected as soon as a device/phone is available again

Extension dailing

This is part of the IVR function so that the Caller can dial an Extension number direct and gets connected with the intended person/phone

Custom prompts

You can set up all Voicemail and IVR type functions with your own audio messages. Make it personal and make it you

Time/date/day based call routing

Get a call coming in during the day and ‘this’ needs to happen to it, but in the evening it needs to do ‘that’ and at night it needs to do ‘something else’ again? No problem at all, just set it once as you want and need it and the system will take care of this automatically


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