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Introducing, the ultimate Next.js boilerplate designed to accelerate your SaaS development journey. Whether you are a solopreneur, an established startup, or a development agency, is your go-to solution for launching high-quality SaaS applications quickly and efficiently. 

Key Features 

• Seamless Authentication: Secure user login and registration system, complete with password reset functionality and social login options.

• Subscription Management: Integrate easily with Stripe, Paddle, or LemonSqueezy to handle subscriptions and billing, offering flexible pricing tiers and payment methods.

• Full Localization Support: Comprehensive internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) features, enabling you to reach a global audience with ease.

• Light/Dark Mode Support: Enhance user experience with customizable light and dark themes.

• Integrated Admin Dashboard: Manage users, subscriptions, and other critical aspects of your application through a powerful and intuitive admin interface.

• Marketing Page: Built-in templates to showcase your product, including a customizable landing page to attract and convert visitors.

• Email Communication: Seamlessly integrate with email providers to handle transactional and marketing emails, ensuring your users are always informed.

• Robust Security: Implement industry-standard security practices to protect your data and users.

• Extendable and Modular Architecture: Built with flexibility in mind, allows you to easily add new features and customize existing ones without hassle. 


• Save Time and Resources: Eliminate the need to build foundational features from scratch, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—innovation and growth.

• Reduce Development Costs: By providing a comprehensive set of pre-built features, significantly cuts down on development time and costs.

• Launch Faster: Get your SaaS application up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to build from the ground up.

• Scalable and Reliable: Built with best practices and scalability in mind, ensuring your application can grow with your business.

• Developer-Friendly: Clean, well-documented codebase and modular design make it easy for developers to jump in and start building.

Why Choose 

• Unparalleled Flexibility: Unlike other boilerplates that lock you into specific vendors or technologies, is designed to be highly extendable and adaptable to your needs.

• Community and Support: Join a growing community of developers and get access to dedicated support to help you every step of the way.

• Proven Track Record: Trusted by developers worldwide, has been instrumental in launching successful SaaS applications across various industries. 

Built with Cutting-Edge Technologies

• Next.js: The premier React framework for building fast, scalable web applications.

• tRPC: Type-safe APIs made easy, ensuring robust and maintainable code.

• Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

• shadcn/ui: Stylish and accessible components out of the box.

• next-intl: Comprehensive internationalization support for Next.js applications.

• Prisma: Modern database toolkit for effortless database management. 

Embrace the power of and transform your SaaS development process. Focus on innovation, deliver exceptional user experiences, and scale your business with confidence. Try today and see the difference it can make for your next big project.

Tags: Startups, SaaS, Development Tools

Product Features

• User Authentication: Implement secure login, registration, password recovery, and social login functionalities with ease.

• Subscription & Billing Management: Seamlessly integrate with Stripe, Paddle, or LemonSqueezy to handle subscriptions and payments, supporting multiple pricing plans.

Comprehensive Localization: Built-in support for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) to cater to a global audience.

Theme Customization: Offer a seamless user experience with built-in light and dark mode options.

• Admin Dashboard: Manage users, subscriptions, and key app settings through a powerful admin interface.

Marketing Page Template: Ready-to-use template for creating captivating landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

• Email Integration: Effortlessly manage transactional and marketing emails, keeping users engaged and informed.

Enhanced Security: Adhere to best security practices to safeguard your application and user data.

Modular and Extendable: Designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy customization and expansion.


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