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Searchable ChatGPT

Search GPT chats history

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Search ChatGPT conversation history instantly. Fully local and private. 

Press sidebar button or hotkey

- 🔍 Exact/fuzzy search ChatGPT conversation history

- 🔘 Keyword suggestions

- 📄 Searches through message contents and chat titles

- 🔒 Works locally and never sends your data. Does not make any calls to external APIs for searching

- ✅ No ads, no tracking/analytics, no 3rd party code

- 🖱️ Integrates seamlessly in web UI, works with both Light and Dark themes

- ⌨️ Hotkey: Ctrl-Shift-P


How does it work:

It creates a local index of all the chats and messages you have. It also adds a button in the sidebar and a hotkey to open the search (⌨️ Ctrl-Shift-P). When you type in the search box, it uses the local index to find the messages that match your query.

You can search for any word or phrase that was ever mentioned in any of your chats.

Tags: User Experience (UX), Extensions, Search


🔍️ Supports Fuzzy search and Suggestions

Advanced search supports typos and word forms. Offers keyword suggestions as you type.

⏲️ Works instantly. Background sync

Hundreds or thousands of chats are indexed in the background so that the search results are presented in less than a second.

🔒 Private and 100% local


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