Dynamic UI by Quest Labs AI
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Dynamic UI by Quest Labs AI

Change UI for every user using Quest's In-App SDKs

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Super excited to Launch Dynamic UI by Quest Labs AI!!!

Let me ask you this, Would you rather buy from a menu with 100 general items or from a menu with 4 super personalized items. Personalization within apps is the new standard and consumers want more relatable app experiences. But lets be honest its super hard and time consuming to build it.

Not anymore!!! You can now save months of your engineering time using Dynamic UI powered by AI. Growth and marketing teams can create different UI experiences within the app using Quest's platform.

Create 1-1 personalized challenges/offers to increase total orders, or personalized onboarding to increase activation rates, or even change the UI of the platform for every user.

How it works?

📁 Connect Data -> 👨‍👩‍👦 AI segment users -> 📲 Generate UI variants -> Increase in 📈 Metrics + 💰 Revenue

If you are interested in increasing your orders or transactions, decrease churn rate or take in-app user engagement to new heights, let's chat! Say hi to shubham[at]

Tags: Technology, Marketing, Growth Hacks


AI-Driven Personalized UI

AI Segmentation

Decision Agents

Analytics & Insights

AI Growth Campaigns

Onboarding Components

  • User Data Collection
  • Dynamic Engagement
  • Personalized UI Offers

50+ Pre-Built In-app Components

  • Onboarding
  • Quizzes
  • Challenges
  • Offers
  • Survey

Low-Code Dashboard, SDKs & APIs

Enterprise-Grade SDKs

Fully Customizable Branding

Plug & Play Templates

AI-Powered Insights

Slack Alerts Integration

Real-Time Analytics

Seamless SDK Integration

Dynamic Content Optimization

Scalable Solutions

Robust Security


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Shubham Nigam
Co-Founder @ Quest Labs AI


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